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Our story

Mert Reklam was founded in 1996 by İbrahim Yılmazer. From the first day, it has continued on its way with discipline and stability. With the design registered, modular and easy-to-assemble advertising products, confident steps have grown day by day. Today, it has proven customer satisfaction up to the third generation and is a leader in the sector.

Qualified workmanship, sufficient knowledge and experience for this job is an indispensable part of R&D studies.

In the sector; It has always preserved its privilege with its sense of loyalty, solution-oriented serial return awareness, qualified and diverse product range. Basic responsibility; never compromising the understanding of quality service. Since its establishment, it has developed every day and has become professional in its own production of routing products.

Although our success story consists of a long-term adventure; It is based on 3 elements.

– Correct and professional employee-employer relationship

– Creating qualified products by qualified employees

– Customer happiness…